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We have membership system for travel arrangements, and cordially ask first-time clients to contact us through the form or by e-mail to info(at)

We normally reply within 48 hours, but depending on the nature of inquiry, we may need more time or not be able to reply. Thank you for your understanding.


1. 個人情報の取り扱い


  • 法令に基づき開示を求められた場合
  • 弊社または第三者の生命・身体・財産・権利・利益・名誉・信用等を保護するために必要であると弊社が判断した場合
  • その他、緊急を要する場合など、業務遂行上適切且つ必要である場合

Privacy Policy

1. Collection and use of personal information
We ask for client’s personal information in order for us to provide requested service appropriately.
We use the data to contact the client, provide requested service, and make travel arrangements with third parties including accommodation and transportation. We treat personal information appropriately by complying with related laws, guidelines and accepted business practices.
2. Disclosure of personal information
We will not disclose or share client’s personal information with third parties except for the above purposes, except to the extent agreed by the client, or under the following circumstances:
We are required by law to disclose information.
We believe it is necessary to disclose information in order to protect against potential threats to the life, physical safety, assets, benefit, honor or reputation of any person.
We believe it is necessary and appropriate to disclose information in order to execute business.